Best Solar Powered Attic Fan

Image of the best solar powered attic fanSolar powered attic fans are extremely preferred and cost-effective solar equipment sold today. Let me reveal the reasons why: as they are placed on your homes roof, solar powered attic fans face into the sunlight.

Solar powered attic fans start from to $800 based on the brand desired, but they are consistently a really good investment decision if your property doesn’t have already got an attic fan mounted.

Added on top of a building, Solar powered fans process their own electric power from sunlight that solar panels obtain to power the fan motor and take out hot air. The cumulative outcome strips moisture and heat, stretches roof life, and in addition, cuts back energy consumption.

The installation of solar powered fans irresponsibly contains the potential for fire or clogging your attic with carbon dioxide. Just be certain you can find ample intake openings to defend against this prospective risk.

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Becoming Your Best Self – Self Knowledge – A Gentle Rain, Not a Lightning Bolt!

We’ve all had them… those AHA! moments when some piece of life-changing knowledge takes place. We suddenly realize (well, not so ‘suddenly’ as a rule!) that something that happened many years ago is still impacting us today. And with that realization comes freedom: freedom from the tyranny of the past; freedom to be truly present today, without guilt or fear; freedom to move into our future with joy and the power to create the reality we want.Installing of solar attic fans might be up to $500 nevertheless we would say no more than $250 should you ask the assistance of a qualified professional.

This might be reasonable most of the time. Price to own a roof fan compared to a solar powered generator is rather affordable about $2-$3 each day and the solar powered variety will not cost a cent simply because they operate on organic energy.

Solar powered attic fans tend to be powered by the sun’s rays aided by the solar panels. They are utilized to vent out heat within the attic and are installed on the roof top.

Solar-powered attic fans run greatest if the solar panel is in direct sunlight. The machine will operate in a decreased pace in the shade (provided enough ambient lighting).

Solar-powered attic fans rely on a tiny solar panel to run a DC motor.
The fans are installed with intake vents to provide high-capacity driven ventilation with no need of electronic operating costs.

Solar powered attic fans together with other solar powered tools such as, solar powered lights, solar powered garden light and solar powered battery chargers are additionally a very smart home improvement. It cuts down on the heat accumulation in the attic reducing the force on the AC and increasing the life span of the roof.

Solar powered attic fans require no electricity to run. They are sized the same as electrically operated fans and most qualify for a 30 % federal tax credit. Solar powered attic fans work with passive attic cooling (which is standard on most residences). Standard design utilizes vented eaves and vented roof peaks.

Installing solar powered attic fans are fast and simple and usually takes about half an hour to set up for the property. This is especially true for solar powered lights, solar powered garden lights and solar powered battery chargers.

These products includes a 5-year warranty on the panel and the motor and features a 10-year warranty on other components. Assembly is straightforward and a great number of manufacturers provide very clear installation directions, usually with diagrams and photographs.

Solar Powered attic vents are designed to be used in conjunction with enough consumption air vents, such as soffit or gable vents.

Not only can it lessen your cooling expenses by about 75%, but a great attic fan will also shield the roof, probably the most costly items in your home, from unwanted dampness. Solar powered attic fans help you save money simply because they cost you absolutely nothing to get the job done in contrast to traditional driven attic fans.

Benefits of solar powered attic vents and fans

01310593978_100-2876.jpgWe all know that electricity is one of the main resources that we need desperately at all times in order to do work and function properly. Imagine what now would the world have been if there has been no electricity and we still have been in the dark ages.

As the times passes and the world started moving towards progress and then came the creation of electricity. Electricity made all the work possible and easy to complete as all the machineries and any item or appliance that you can think works on electricity.

Now when we are thinking that electricity came as a form of blessing and years after it has became an expensive resource to use. There is a lot of pollution factor connected with producing electricity and the cost of electricity is now going out of reach of everyone.

Now these days there is a famous alternative to use against electricity and that is solar powered electricity.

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Benefits Of Solar Powered Attic Vents And Fans

We all know that electricity is one of the main resources that we need desperately at all times in order to do work and function properly. Imagine what now would the world have been if there has been no electricity and we still have been in the dark ages. Reduce Your Energy Costs With A Solar Attic Fan

During summer months, air conditioning costs send the electric bill soaring. A small investment into a solar attic fan can reduce the load on the air conditioning system significantly to reduce energy usage and costs. The Importance Of Attic Ventilation

In this article I will be speaking about attic ventilation and why it is important. Shingles, Framing And Siding Affected By Attic Ventilation

An estimated 90 percent of North American homes have improper attic ventilation. One reason for this is that most homeowners are unaware of its importance.Solar power energy is rapidly growing in popularity as it is free of cost and this will help people save huge amounts which they use to spend on their electricity bills.

Nowadays you can find many items that run on solar power and that include lights and fans. These lights and fans gather all the solar power during the day from sunlight and the sunlight charges the battery of these lights and fans so they can run when there is no sunlight.

Solar power attic vents and fans are a popular example of solar powered items. These vent fans are gaining popularity as they are very useful and tend to save electricity and reduces heat in the attic area. You need to install these fans in your attic and they will be charged by the heat which is present in the attic and then they can run for a long time without electricity.

These vent fans are also helpful in reducing the moisture level in the room and automatically the heat reduces at the same time.
The vent fans have a power supply attached to it which absorbs the heat in the room and it charges itself with the heat which helps in the functioning of the fan.

The fans are necessary in the vent because all the moisture and smoke which is produced from cooking and bathing and various activities such as laundry. The moisture and heat which is produced tends to harm the attic and this can be countered through the help of installing vent fans in the attic. This will help your energy cost and also the maintenance cost to cut down on huge amounts.

You can find solar powered equipments such as lights and fans in the markets which are selling these new solar powered items. If you have problems finding them in your city then you can search on the internet and find a whole list of manufacturers and distributors who sell these products online in different varieties and rates and get them delivered to you.

Using Residential Solar Power Generation

01310593893_solarpowerenergy.jpgThe continuously rising costs of energy has residences rethink the way they run their homes and have opened their horizons into tapping renewable sources of energy just like solar power. Residential solar power generation has now become a reality with recent advancements into solar panel development and technologies, which came out with more affordable solar power systems.

Portable solar power kits are now much more readily available and can generate enough electrical energy to power appliances and gadgets. These kits can come in various sizes and shapes and allows for practical usage at homes and for personal use. Residential solar power generation kits are now easier to install and can generate enough electrical power to make it a viable source of alternative energy for use in homes for cooking, heat generation and other uses requiring electricity.

Solar Power and Reducing Your Energy Costs

Energy resources like natural gas, coal and petroleum are slowly dwindling and would eventually run out.

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Using Residential Solar Power Panel

The Earth’s dwindling reserves for fossil fuels have prompted the development of alternative means of generating energy, particularly coming from renewable resources. Significant advancements and developments in harnessing the power of the sun have given rise to more efficient and more affordable residential solar power panel systems, which could be viable means of alternative energy sources. Reduce Energy Costs With Residential Solar Power Generation

The continuously rising costs of energy has residences rethink the way they run their homes and have opened their horizons into tapping renewable sources of energy just like solar power. Residential solar power generation has now become a reality with recent advancements into solar panel development and technologies, which came out with more affordable solar power systems. Residential Solar Electricity – DIY Renewable Energy Home Solar Power System

Renewable Energy is to use solar electricity as an alternative to using power generated from the earth’s natural resources. The only way to make solar electricity is to make solar panels. Renewable energy home solar power system is a combination of solar and wind energy converted into household electricity. Statistics Of Residential Solar Power

Starting off with some numbers, the average US household uses about 10,000 kWh of electricity annually. This could be improved from a home improvement standpoint with better windows, better appliances, and better insulation.This is translated into higher energy costs, which adds more fire to the already boiling economic crisis that the country, and the rest of the world is experiencing. However, with the use of a residential solar power generation system, energy costs would drastically be reduced.

For one thing, the power of the sun is provided free for all and is a renewable and inexhaustible source of natural energy. All a homeowner needs to harness the power of the sun and convert it to useful electrical energy is a residential solar power generation system and this would be the only cost incurred to convert solar energy to electrical power.

After this system is put in place, the homeowner could have a renewable source of power without the recurring costs that current utilizes will incur.
In some cases, the electrical power generated by the residential solar power generation system is enough to cause electrical meters to turn the opposite way, meaning you are actually sending electrical power back to the utility company.

The Types of Residential Solar Power Generation

There are basically two types of solar-powered energy systems that can provide practical use for homes and residences. The first type involved is the photovoltaic system wherein solar panels are directly converting solar power into electrical energy, which can be used instantaneously. Excess electrical power that is not consumed is stored in battery systems, which can be used later during the night when the sun is down.

The other type of solar-power energy system involves capturing the radiant heat of the sun and using this radiant energy for water and air heating purposes inside the home using a closed-loop or an open-loop system. An open loop system directly heats the water with the solar heating device; however, there is a chance for the water to freeze during the cold season. The closed loop system has the liquid enclosed in a piping system, which transfers the generated heat to the water supply line using heat exchangers.

Further advancements in solar power technologies can improve the residential solar power generation systems much more significantly and this will drastically change the way the world uses energy sources and harness a clean and renewable source of energy coming from the sun.

Solar Power – Home Generated

21310593892_homemadepowergenerator.jpgThere are consequences involved in overuse of our resources. Those consequences could be devastating on a global level. The solution really lies in our own backyard. The actions we take and the decisions we make everyday can affect change.
The solution might be at home. If we wait for industry and government to make changes we will soon feel even more devastating effects from climate change. We may already be seeing those effects in the form of more severe weather patterns affecting the growing of our food.  The choices we make today will affect the quickest change for the better.
Turning to solar power: Isn’t it a costly solution?
The answer is very simple. Once your solar panels are installed (or wind generator, or other renewable energy choices) you will never have to pay another utility bill. Clearly, renewable energy is a long term approach to solving the problem of high utility costs.
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Use of Solar Power at Home

Energy crisis, peak oil – is it any wonder that more and more people are checking out the benefits of renewable energy and specifically solar power? Solar power is environmentally friendly and easy to use. Find out more about solar power at home. Cheap Solar Power For Your Home

Instead of paying a large electricity bill every month, many homeowners are converting their homes to use solar power. You may have dismissed this due to the fact that most solar systems that you see for sale are prohibitively expensive, but there is a way to get cheap solar power for your home without buying these systems. Build them yourself. Solar Power Inverters

We all know that one of the sad times we face every month is receiving our expensive electric bill. The price keeps on increasing and it seems to be difficult of us to get rid of it. But we are lucky that solar power is an alternative energy source to solve the problem. Having a solar power system at home, we will no longer worry about the electric bills. Solar Power – Pool Solar Heaters

The right pool solar heater can raise the water temperature by as much as 15 degrees. New solar power kits are not that expensive and doesn’t take a rocket scientist to install. Discover more here.It would take a long time to recover your investment certainly, but it will help to reduce your dependence from the utility company. The real problem is the high energy usage in the home. Take a look around right now at that the refrigerator, dryer and electric range; all very high end users of electricity.
If you decide to stay in your present home and install renewable energy to run it then radical conservation methods and investing in super-efficient appliances would be necessary to run your home. Even a modest scaled independent power system would cost several thousand dollars and your lifestyle would have to undergo drastic changes to make it work.
If lowering your electric bill is your prime concern, then implementing conservation measures is a better dollar for dollar investment compared to installing an independent power source.
This is a good starting point. Think of it as training for your end goal of running your home with independent power and you will succeed.
You can make games of conservation in your home with your kids. Children are especially good at coming up with creative conservation practices in the home. Get them involved in this process from the start.

Solar Power Systems

01311023535_casaconpaneles.jpgSolar power systems used to be overly expensive and very hard to find. Fossil fuels such as oil and coal have been around for millennium and it’s hard to understand that they can be depleted, but they will be. It has been discovered as time goes by that fossil fuels are unsafe for our environment, as well. Much of the world’s populace is now turning to renewable energy, or green energy, such as solar, wind and hydro powers.
Therefore, these solar generating systems are much more readily available and can be installed in your home or business in a cost-efficient manner. Also, since the sun has been in existence for eons, you needn’t worry about running out of an energy source to power your lights, equipment and appliances. The science of photovoltaic (PV) technology is the process of converting sunlight into electricity.
One of the many benefits of PV technology is the ability to produce electricity for over thirty years.
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Solar Cells

What are Solar Cells, and How Do They Work? Solar Electric Systems From National Green Power: Live Responsibly, Easily

Solar Electric Systems from National Green Power allow you to live responsibly at a reasonable price. Invest to make your home independent from fossil fuels. Solar Lights For Industrial and Aviation Use

Solar lights are used in many different arenas. They can be used in industry or in aviation. Solar Panel – Make Your Own Life Safe

Solar Panels are safe for the environment. People all around the world are concerned about the changing climatic conditions. Please read how solar panels can save our environment.You can hook up a solar power system to the power grid, or actually make enough energy in your home to sell back electricity to the power company and go off-grid. There are different types of PV cells that you may purchase: mono crystalline, multiple crystalline, string ribbon and thin-film.
With mono crystalline cells the most energy is used in their manufacturing when single silicon crystals are grown into ingots with anti-reflection coating and wire grids are added to each crystal to form a module. Multiple crystalline cells are caste into square molten silicon molds and then coated and wired. String ribbon produces thin ribbons of silicon that you can cut into single cells from sheets to coat and wire. The most flexible choice in thin-film that has different layers of modules sprayed onto substrate.
They will not break like the other options and can be fit into any shape or size you prefer.
When planning the site for your solar power system, you will need to install it in the sunniest part of your property. It’s best to secure your system in the ground so that it can withstand a century. You can use what it called a solar pathfinder to locate the perfect spot if you wish. Sun should shine in the spot from 9am-3pm at the very least. The shadier the area of your system, the larger the array may need to be. This little gadget records the sun’s motion through the area. When using a ground system, dig deep and narrow holes, as you will need to implant the poles anywhere from 30-84 inches into the soil with them extruding 48-120 inches above ground. Therefore, the holes will end up being 8-36 inches wide. Schedule 40 steel piping works best with concrete finishing the assembly of poles.
A rooftop solar generating system could be just the thing you’re looking for, too. Figure out what your electrical needs are so that you install the proper sized system. You will need a battery bank of golf cart batteries wired in series and parallel with four equaling 440 amps. The solar panel can be at least 75 watts and wired to a controller of at least 16 amps. Simple aluminum mounting is available for these solar power systems. You will need to switch from DC to AC (household current) and cannot do so without the inverter.
There is a wide array of solar generators and systems in the marketplace for the average consumer. These have been just a few examples as you prepare to go green. You won’t regret lessening your carbon footprint with the purchase of solar power systems.

Three Simple Solar Power Systems

21311023533_solar-power-energy.jpgSolar power has received a lot of attention as one of the answers to our energy crisis. The fact that solar panels provide energy from a clean and free source, the sun, makes it a viable option. But many homeowners are asking: what sort of system would work for me? Well of course that depends on your situation and what you are looking to get out of solar energy. Let’s talk about your options for small simple systems and the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

Integrated Solar

This is probably the smallest of all photovoltaic systems. These can be found where the solar panel is built right into the appliance that it is powering. For instance calculators, garden lights, fountains, flashlights, and many other small electronic devices are powered by the sun.

Advantages of Integrated Solar Power

* Portability.

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Solar Power Energy System

Fuel costs are increasing all the time and will continue to increase in the future. Are you fed up with those ever increasing power bills in your mailbox? Imagine if you will, never see one of those again? Home “Solar Power Energy Systems” are gaining popularity amongst the alternative energy sources. DIY Solar Power Systems

Any home project involving wiring in your home is likely to cost you a pretty penny. However, if you know how to safely wire your home, you stand to save a lot of money instead of hiring out electricians. Consider a solar power system. A Solar Power System

It is one of the most alarming issues for many Americans today to find a way to keep all the current bills which are piling up on their office tables. This is due to the very advanced usage of electrical current in the area. USA is popular to consume more energy per month than some parts of the world combined. Do it Yourself Solar Power – In Three Easy Steps

Anyone can easily establish a reliable do it yourself solar power source by following 3 simple steps. Find out what they are and how to get started today.These units often can be moved easily and since they are powered by solar they don’t require power cords.

* Maintenance Free. Maintenance is virtually nonexistent and they do not require expensive fuels.

* Batteries. These units have an internal battery which lasts much longer than the common battery we’re used to.

Disadvantages of Integrated Solar Power

* Scalability. General these units are small and the power they require is minimal. For larger appliances that consume more energy having integrated solar panels is not practical.

* Part Replacement. Integrated products usually are hard to take apart and fix. For example, if the battery quits working you may just have to replace the entire unit.

Direct Solar

This is the simplest way to get power from the sun’s rays.
Direct solar simply feeds the energy that is collected by a small array to an appliance or pump without a battery. The system usually consists of a small panel, a mounting mechanism, and the pump or appliance.

Advantages of Direct Solar Power

* Cost. These systems usually are fairly inexpensive since they don’t require batteries.

* Installation. Direct units are relatively easy to install as long as the area has ample sunshine. Since power cords are not required, almost anyone with a few tools can install them.

* Remote Capability. Homeowners and business owners love these systems for their water features and well pumps that can fill tanks or ponds during the day when the sun shines and then shut off as soon as the sun sets.

* Maintenance Free. Maintenance is virtually nonexistent and they do not require expensive fuels.

Disadvantages of Direct Solar Power

DC Power. Solar panels produce direct current (DC) power and many appliances require alternating current (AC) power.

* Storage. Since these systems don’t have batteries, they don’t run when it is cloudy or at night.

Solar-Battery-DC Systems

Many DC systems can be powered with small panels and battery storage systems. These systems will consist of a solar panel, mounting system, battery bank, charge controller and the connection to the electronic device. The charge controller ensures that PV units do not overcharge the batteries.

Advantages of Solar-Battery-DC Systems

* Storage. These systems can store the sun’s energy for use at night or on cloudy days.

* Remote Capability. These systems are great for lighted signs, fountains, out-buildings and pumps that need to work regardless of sunshine and where access to power is an issue.

* Lighting and Pumping. Since lighting and pumping are very popular tasks for photovoltaic systems, there are special high-efficiency pumps and lights made exactly for these applications.

Disadvantages of Solar-Battery-DC Systems

DC Power. Solar panels produce direct current (DC) power and many appliances require alternating current (AC) power.

* Cost. Batteries can add significant cost to the installation depending on how much storage you need.

* Maintenance. Batteries require regular maintenance and need to be replaced more often than solar panels.

If you are thinking about a PV power system for your needs, you should contact a solar professional. They can custom design a solar power solution for almost any application and location.

Having A Home Solar Power Generator

11310593892_solar-energy-advatages.jpgIf you have considered to saving money on your household bills, you could easily be swayed with the option of having your very own home solar power generator installed. If you have not done all your research properly you will be another statistic that has fallen for a source of energy that is not available twenty four hours around the clock. Since you are only focusing on the idea of having electricity when the monopoly source is down, you jump for the idea.
This is not such a good idea as you would not be consuming it continuously, only when the power is out. This home solar power generator is not the same as having your water heated by solar power, this is energy stored in a battery for when the power goes out and you can still run a few items in your home efficiently.
Yes you would have to have some other gadgets and things added to your initial bill of installation of your home solar power generator, such as a UPS and the batteries which do not come cheap.

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Solar Power – Home Generated

You probably have heard a lot about renewable energy and how we can take advantage of this new trend. You might even think it is yet unaffordable. Is this true? Read this article about why renewable energy might a cost-effective solution for our homes. Using Residential Solar Power Generation

The continuously rising costs of energy has residences rethink the way they run their homes and have opened their horizons into tapping renewable sources of energy just like solar power. Residential solar power generation has now become a reality with recent advancements into solar panel development and technologies, which came out with more affordable solar power systems. Solar Wind Power Generator – Solar and Wind Power Generation Systems For Homes

Alternate Power generator – The use of Wind Turbines and Solar Panels is a very innovative and increasingly popular way of reducing power costs and helping the environment in one smooth sweep. Many famous people have installed them the media has dedicated a lot of ink and time to them. However some people just do not know what to believe any more. Your Home Power Generator Setup – Solar Home Power Or Wind Power?

Many people are now considering a home power generator system as a realistic alternative to reduce or even eliminate their power bills. Solar home power or wind power are the two obvious alternatives and both have their advantages and disadvantages. Looking into the future tells us that our power bills are only going to increase and it is therefore becoming more cost-effective, and important for the conservation of our planet, for us to use clean, renewable energy to run our own home power generators.The electrician’s bill would also not come cheap to connect all of these gadgets so that they work when needed.
Getting off the Grid
The point of finding alternative methods of energy for the home is not to only have them when the local supplier is down, but to have your home run effectively continuously. The basic idea is to be off the grid so to speak.
Yes if you had you had your home solar power generator connected to the community electricity source still, would be a great thing, as problems do occur and you need to have a back up plan still in order for when things do go wrong. Yes, it may seem like you are still connected to the grid even with having your home solar power generator connected, but rather have a plan B than no other plan at all.
The Age of Consumerism
Our water supplies and electricity supplies are controlled and run by governments within monopolies, so where does this leave us standing, but to try and build solar power generator for ourselves.
We do live in a consumerism society and we expect water when we open the tap, just as we expect the lights to go on with the flick of a switch, but someone has to control it all, and this is where the problem lies in most cases.
Solar power is not the only source of power, and alternative methods have to be utilised.

Solar Power Chargers

f_21311023616_4731732955-e008e57f5e-b.jpgThe use of solar power energy was started in 1954 when Bell Laboratories invented the photovoltaic cell. Since then we have been slowly advancing our understanding of how to harness solar power and use it to power everything from enormous space stations to flashlights. People have even begun using solar power chargers, found commonly in solar arrays, to power their house and even their cars. The technological advances made with solar power chargers make solar energy easier to use for such a large variety of different methods.
Solar power chargers use the solar energy provided by the sun and convert it to the electricity we use to power our electronics. Scientifically speaking, the movement of electrons, which are the negatively charged subatomic particles of atoms, are typically used to create an electrical current. Electrons are usually found moving around the nucleus of an atom in an orbital fashion much like how the earth revolves around the sun.
Electrons are literally everywhere because they are part of the fundamental building blocks of atoms.

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Latest Solar Powered Iphone Charger

Muzatech iphone charger is the latest device that will be attached to the bottom of your iphone. The Phone battery will be charged by solar power. Solar charger device has four LED charging mode. It has 100mAh battery and this will be reacharged when left in sunlight.The iphone battery will be reacharged based on lithium battery. The charger can be used up to 2000 charges. Benefits Of Solar Powered Cell Phone Chargers

Green your life with Solar Powered Cell Phone Chargers, it will maximize your benefits in economic, maximize our benefits in environment, use Solar Powered Cell Phone Chargers, to be a qualified earth citizen and a green lead. Benefits Of Solar Powered Cell Phone Chargers

If you find yourself worrying about the damage that you might be doing to the environment in your everyday life, it may be worth considering investing in one of the new solar powered chargers available on the market today. There are several advantages to using portable solar chargers and solar panels. The Best Thing About Solar Power Panel Charger

If you are on the go all the time then you know how frustrating it can be to have an electrical appliance that is running out of battery. Most of us have at least two gadgets that we find it hard to function without, namely the cell phone and the mp3 player.They can be knocked loose from their orbital patterns by particles of energy known as photons, which are found in the rays of light that the sun sends to earth. These natural photons are used in solar power chargers to knock electrons from the silicon material typically found in solar chargers. This effect is known in the scientific community as the photoelectric effect.
Through the use of the photoelectric effect, an imbalance is created between the charged particles in the silicon found in solar chargers.  An electrical field is created as an end result to this imbalance of positive and negatively charged particles.
The electrical field pushes the two charges towards opposite ends of a solar cell in the solar power charger and connects the two sides whenever the solar charger is used to create any form of electrical output. A solar power charger uses multiple solar cells to create this effect a number of times over to achieve the watt usage it needs.
To put it all in lemans terms, the rays of energy from the sun hit the solar array used by the solar power charger and collect the energy the sun naturally gives off. It then can use this energy at will to create electricity and power the electrical piece of technology that the solar charger is being used for. This energy is much cleaner and better for the environment than the main forms of energy we use today. So do yourself and the planet a favor, and start using more solar charger devices.

DIY Solar Power – Solar Power Kits Reviewed

f_11310590822_solarenergyadvatages.jpgWith the rising cost of power in this current economic crisis and the environmental toll it takes on the earth people are starting to look at DIY Solar Power as a real alternative. It makes sense to turn to a more natural, cheaper sustainable source to fulfill our energy needs. What could be more natural than harvesting the energy given of by the sun?.
Residential solar power has been with us for decades now, but the price of installation (often driving up into the thousands of dollars) has been prohibitive for the average householder to consider homemade solar energy as a viable source of energy.
Just recently a few companies have started to put out guides on how to put together DIY solar power kits. These guides, available for around 50 or 60 dollars, lead the user step by step through the process of assembling your own solar panels and solar power system for under $200 in materials.
The guides which are extremely easy to follow have the potential to save you thousands of dollars in installation fees, while reaping the benefits of slashing your power bill by around 40